Thursday, June 25, 2009


Music: Sing and play guitar in front of at least one other person.


My friend Ali (a.ka. Buttonhead) came to visit, and we have been jamming a lot since she has been here. So, several Hole covers later, and this goal is finished! I also sang/played guitar while my brother was around, so I think I am over the whole singing in front of people issue.

Travel: Go to a lights and sound show by the Big Sioux River.We finally did this-I went with Ali and my mom, and it was pretty cool. They basically just have speakers everywhere, and the sounds consist of historical stories about the area. Then they light up the water falls, and the colors change a lot.

Go to a carnival/festival/fair.

I found this really awesome cultural fair last weekend, and I was able to go spend a few hours there. It was really interesting and quite fun, and I ended up buying a few things there. I got a fair trade bracelet that benefits handmade artists in Guatemala, and a ring as well. It was a good time, and I got lots of photos and video footage to document the whole thing.

So that's three more things...I am really loving 101 things so far. :)

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